so... what is it all about...?

This year (exactly tomorrow) we celebrate the 15th anniversary of our wedding and our oldest daughter will have her 15 years in November and as being always great passionates of traveling, super spontaneously we decided to celebrate it all in an unique way by organizing an incredible journey.
This will be the fulfillment of our dreams .... trip around the world and the idea is to visit:

15 COUNTRIES in 15 WEEKS on 15th Anniversary

Crazy plan, huh? .... maybe a little ..... but " there are moments in life when you need to take a risk and get carried away with madness"

So in a democratic, family vote the winners are:

1st Portugal (Madeira)
2nd United States (+ HI)
3rd Mexico
4th Peru
5th Australia
6th New Zealand
7th Thailand
8th China
9th India
10th Nepal
11th United Arab Emirates
12th South Africa
13th Madagascar
14th Namibia
15th Turkey

(Sequence may change)

The journey will be linked to cross-cultural exchange - because we plan to organize some Polish Culture Workshops for children in each of the countries visited during the expedition. We want it to be like the Moroccan Culture Workshop, which we had organized by "Desert Africae Project" Assosiation for Polish-Moroccan Cooperation and would like to prepare a similar workshops( but this time of the Polish Culture) for children from many far away corners of the world.

now for us begins the hardest stage .... planning and seeking for funds ....

so please, keep your fingers crossed for the project ;-)

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