to be like a flowing river.... where we will come and where we will not....

Now is a time of planning the route, a time of very intense work to organize our own lives and sitting for hours in front of the computer. We search the web looking for cheap flights and looking for the  possibility of landing on the "couch" in the farthest corners of the world. Sometimes our eyes close from being tired but we have to force it because we know that the effect of the preparations will help to avoid many surprises during the trip, especially those unpleasant ones. In this stage of project we get clarified priorities and broaden our horizons.
As the one thing we are perfectly sure: a good plan is a half of the success ;)

 The final version emerges slowly, and as a beautiful chick amazes us with it's otherness, but also enjoys with exploring new possibilities. Though, as so far we follow the route on the map only with our fingers, but after all, we know that soon we will be already there. Our hearts pound then like mad and the feeling of impatience is comparable to a child waiting for the trip to his beloved grandmother.
The route is evolving, but all this happen among many hours of brainstorming and "tribal councils". We try to find out where it will be better to go, nicer and more efficiently to stay. Because our expedition is not just about the journey, even it is a core, yet the part of Polish Culture Workshops working with children is even more important in the project. So we must find good places to make it.

At present time, the planned route changed a little and it is as follows:

1st Turkey
2nd Egypt
3rd Tanzania
4th United Arab Emirates
5th India
6th Nepal
7th Bhutan
8th Thailand
9th China
10th Australia
11th New Zealand
12th USA
13th Mexico
14th Portugal
15th Morocco

Well, let's go back to work over project.... search, plan, looking for any kind of support,
- sometimes even some simply words of encouragement and wishes of perseverance
are the most important

soon will come back with final logo of our trip :-) until that time I can not wait to see the effect

still, constantly....keep fingers crossed for us

Morocco, Ait Ben Haddou (2009)

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