Radek, Dominika, Arletta and Aisha
a family of 4 from Poland
our Couchsurfing profile:

   Dominique - highly motivated and organized person, graduate financial management and tourism management, will take care of travel budget documents and route plans. Conducts workshops for children and adults related to culture, in collaboration with the Association for Polish-Moroccan Cooperation. It is a volunteer in a shelter for homeless animals. She graduated in the United States and travels from her early ages. She speaks fluent English and learn Arabic and Spanish.

  Radek - wanderer, tenacious negotiator and a pretty good salesman. He loves to stay in the mountains and in desert wilderness. As an athlete country's representative he alwys carries the largest backpack and never complains. Som say that he "knows all and can arrange everything." He speaks English and recently began studying French.

  Arlette  -  this freshman of the Internet High School, always persevering in the pursuit of goals, proved to be as well a Thai boxing competitor and very elegant young lady. Cares about healthy lifestyle and sports results and continually motivates us to travel. She is real world conqueror and neither hight nor space can't stop her . She speaks English and basic Spanish.

Aisha - this student of IV grade in primary school only looks like a small child :)  Actually she is very reasonable and mature person and passionate dance lover. It's just her who has choose Chopin's music for the background of our children workshops we want to prepare during our world's trip. She've proved herself in high mountains, in extremely high temperatures and on long distances and also showed her great communicating skills in English and some other languages - even the one she doesn't know ;-)

That's us - financial analyst, trader, freshman and primary school pupil -  members of round world  expedition. We are a family that has extensive experiance in quite many far and near expeditions. All the skills gained during our journeys made us believe that "Impossible is Nothing". With great passion we operate in volunteering, we are members of the Association for Polish-Moroccan Coopration, WWOFF and animal shelter.

We believe that we  all should become the change we want to see in the world...
and over all we believe in people,
... just like that...

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