We have always dreamed of a distant, unknown world. Even as children we searched for old, black-white pictures in travel books and our imagination moved us into the distant lands. This days, as a family with two children we gradually try to get to know one after another places on earth.
Right now, to achieve one of the greatest from dreams - our "enchanted caravan" plans to embark on a very long and difficult journey. We plan to visit seven continents, 15 countries and 24 time zones, but over all we wish to visit children in such exotic places as the Amish communities in the U.S., Indians in Mexico, Maoris in New Zealand or Australian Aborigines. In each of the visited countries, in one of the primary schools we plan to organize a Polish Culture Workshop for children.

The "CONQUER THE IMPOSSIBLE Expedition" is to show people that all barriers are inside themselves and that the world is one big "home" for all humans and it's easy just to open the door to meet others. This journey from the assumption will be a cross-cultural exchange. As often as it will be possible we want to move around by public transport and where it only succeed we wish to make an accommodation on a host couch.
This project is to show that the unity of humanity lies in it's diversity and although skin color, culture, living conditions, place of living may be completely different, still everywhere children are the same with their needs, desires and simply dreams.

However, we would also like for this project to open people's minds for the other sad and cruel face of childhood. There are still in the world too many places where disease, hunger, poverty, hard work, steal the children their right to a peaceful and happy childhood.

We all should do everything to change it as soon as possible.

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