Steady, ready, go.....

The clock is ticking, time flows smoothly and disappears, minute by minute. Just yesterday casually with friends, listening to stories of theır journey,and laughing at the political incorrect jokes :-). Rather than packing to escape, escape from all thıngs that we had yet to settle and in fact, of what we have forgotten to arrange. Today is other tıme. Clothes already loaded into backpacks, charger and beauticians too. Our list, which is carefully prepared prior to travel, and so ultimately dissolved into the mist. It's getting a little nervous but we try not to give up to emotions.
The last cut on the project workshops, templates for the children of the world and everyone gets a grip on the kilogram of sweets (ofcourse for children - not for us ;)
At the last moment just came ordered water purification tablets and almost at the last moment to smash Dominica's shoes that she has bought two months earlier but they were broken and had to be exchanged for the new paır. As one of our frıends ıs paraphrasing the famous TV ad:
- well, for some people such a trıp around the world is like "walking in the park" ...
Packed, and ready to short circuit. Tomorrow morning we start. Keep your fingers crossed for us, expect new greetings and news from the world:)

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